What Is the Salary for a Data Analyst Manager?


I run a team of Data Analysts and Invoice Validators (3 people under me) and I was promoted to supervior about 4 months ago after working here for a year and a half. They pretty much told me what they were going to pay me, no room for negotiation, and I was wondering how much I should be making.

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One Response to "What Is the Salary for a Data Analyst Manager?"

  1. Jeff C   December 12, 2010 at 9:18 am

    The answer is, what some one is willing to pay you. The exact amount can vary based on location and industry. Your job probably pays more in New York City as opposed to Atlanta. The best way to figure this out is look for US Government cost of living and salary surveys for the geographic area you are looking for. I remember using this data for a possible move to Atlanta. I was able to find the average salary for a systems analyst in Georgia. Now this amount is an average and it can vary wildly from that, but at least it’s a start and you will know if your above or below it.

    The amount will also vary by industry. Drug companies and government pay more, financial institutions and car companies not so much these days.

    My apologies for not having links to the salary surveys off hand, but some googling and searches on U.S. government web sites might do the trick. I think the U.S. census bureau is the one to look for the U.S. Other countries don’t generally have this kind of information.

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