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What Is My Future As A Data Analyst?
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I am a graduate in BA Psychology and also completed one year diploma in software engineering from NIIT Pune.
Then i started working in an International bpo, a shipping company named Maersk line, but due to some reason i left this job.
Now i am working in a KPO as a Data Analyst and i want to establish my career as a Analyst.
So, I want to learn some advanced courses like advanced excel, database languages but i am confused about how I can manage all this.
Ok, I would like to know the future prospects for a data analyst after 1 year in the industry and I would like to know if I can do a get better job in any MNC???

The Future of Data Analysts

  • Your future as a data analyst is what you make out of it

    Your future as a data analyst depends on how passionate you are about the industry.
    Anyone can succeed in any career if they are really passionate about that industry or career.
    If you are not passionate about a career or a job and you get into that industry, you may still fail because you lack the talents, abilities, interests or motivation to succeed in that industry!

  • Your future depends on whether you love being a data analyst

    Start by answering this question: "do you love data analysis?".
    If you don\'t love data analysis then the future of that entire industry is of no relevance to you.
    You can earn or make money in any career or industry if you are willing to work very hard.
    You will only be willing to work hard in a job if you love that job otherwise you will just want to put in an 8 to 5 effort and then go home, hoping to succeed!

  • Do what you love and the money will follow

    Don\'t waste your time looking for a job where you are guaranteed an income, look for a job that you love and you will earn the income that you deserve.
    Every career or industry requires hard work to succeed. If you love data analysis and you work hard as a data analyst, you will succeed at earning a good income.
    Choose a career based on your personal abilities and skills. If you don\'t have the skills to succeed at a job (computer programming, business analysis, etc.), then you will fail even though others are making money at that industry.
    Your future as a data analyst depends more on your skills, strengths, work ethic, education, motivation, interest, determination which are all intrinsic factors than on extrinsic factors like the employment trends or number of jobs in the industry.
    One of the reasons why your future depends more on intrinsic personal abilities than on extrinsic factors (like job outlook) is that competition works against you.
    If the data analyst industry experiences a boom for example, there would be lots of professionals applying for data analyst jobs and if the industry is retrenching then there would be fewer professionals wanting to be data analysts.
    So regardless of whether there are lots of jobs in the data analysts industry or fewer jobs, what matters is your willingness to succeed as a data analyst and not on the fluctuating employment statistics which is not really within your control.

  • Take a Long Term Look And Interest In Data Analysis

    Take a long term interest in the data analysis career or industry and not a short-term one (1) year interest.
    One (1) year is too short a time to invest in your career and you should not get into an industry or career with the mindset that if you don\'t succeed within a year, you will just check out and invest in another industry!

hello sir ,
I have done -electronics , looking for a career in data analytic , please tell me that-
- will company hire holders for his profile?
-will company hire fresher candidate for this profile ?
-best learning institute in delhi/ ncr

What Background Qualifies Me For Data Analyst Training?

Dear Data Analyst trainer:
Could you please review my CV and see if I qualify to do the Data Analyst training as a career building step?
Because I have a BA in Arts, lots of experience working with the computer and softwares but no formal BSc Computer etc.
I need to verify that this training covers the foundation and not targeted at folks already equipped with certification in computer / sw engineering.
Thank you.
Cedar Thokme

  1. How Does A Liberal Arts (BA) / Computer Science (Bsc.) Degree Qualify / Disqualify You?

    Neither a liberal arts (BA) nor a computer science (Bsc.) college degree qualifies you for or disqualifies you from data analyst training!

    As far as the information technology (IT) industry is concerned, your college degree only proves that you are intellectually equipped and capable of learning the skills required for your data analyst career.

    Having either of these college degrees will not make you inherently capable or incapable of learning the skills required for data analyst careers!

    Regardless of whether you have a BSc. or BA college degree, you still have to invest the time, effort and money needed to learn the career from scratch!

  2. Which College Background Is Better, Liberal Arts Or Computer Science?

    Though it is true that a computer science college degree is more technical than a liberal arts degree, having a liberal arts degree will still not disqualify you from being able to learn data analysis!

    To start with, there are computer science (Bsc.) graduates who struggle with learning information technology (IT) topics just as there are liberal arts degree holders who may struggle with or find technical topics challenging!

    The ease or speed with which you learn data analysis or any other information technology course is more a function of how passionate and motivated you are and how hard you are willing to work ... than it is of your type of college degree.

    You may be surprised to know that there are professionals out there, who work in the data analysis / information technology industry without the benefits of a four (4) year degree or 2 year associate degree!

    So, the fact that a computer science degree is more technical than a liberal arts degree, should not derail, discourage or stop you from learning data analysis or taking data analyst training.

    Realize this. The bulk of the learning and training work you have to do to become a data analyst is the same regardless of your college background.

    In today\'s job market, the advantage a computer science (BSc.) graduate holds over a liberal arts (BA) college graduate is minor in the short term and irrelevant in the long term, if the BA graduate is really interested and motivated in learning data analysis!

  3. What Is The Expected Background or Prerequisites For Our Training Courses?

    We do not need or expect you to have a data analysis, database, computer science or information technology (IT) background as a prerequisite for our data analyst training.

    Why? Because our data analysis lessons are designed in a step by step fashion with each lesson building on the topics taught in previous lessons so you don\'t feel overwhelmed or dumped on!

    In addition, we make no assumptions about your background and because of that, we include and teach all the pre-requisite knowledge needed for our courses.

    Futhermore, our videos are in a step by step, instructional format which means that you learn by watching an instructor explain and then perform hands on tasks and activitites.

    Finally, we include a coaching plan as part of your training which means that as you watch our videos or work through our hands-on assignments, you may request for more help, feedback or guidance and we will provide that assistance to you as part of your training!

    Keep in mind that our data analysis training covers both the theoretical knowledge and the practical, hands-on activities required to master each skill, topic or course.

    We Teach The Theory Needed: so that you don\'t have to worry or pay for additional, expensive, time demanding computer science / information technology (IT) college courses as pre-requistes.

    We Teach the Practical Skills Needed: so that you don\'t have to take out more time to prepare for our courses before enrolling in our training

I applaud your efforts to take charge of your career. But you can\'t afford to hesitate, procrastinate or put-off your training because you really are as ready now as you will ever be!

Any Telecommuting Jobs For Data Analysts?

I am an MCA (Master of Computer Applications) from am NIT.
I have worked with companies like Wipro, iGate etc. and have 5+ years of experience in software development and testing with Java,VB,Oracle etc.
I took a break to take care of my second son who is 5 years old now.
Now i am looking for a job. I want to know if i can be fit for the data analysis job?
I was good in maths and statistics in my school and college days.
I want to get into a job where i can work as well as take care of my family.
Also want to know what is the scope of Data analysis job?
How long should I take the training to start a job?.
Is there any online job possibility so that i can work from home if needed.