Is Data Analysis A Good Career?



I am coming from a development background (VB6, C#, SQL Oracle backend) and also Quality Assurance (QA) and I have been offered a position as a Data Analyst.

The pay is a bit less than my previous position.

Is this a good position to pursue?

I’m more concerned about the demand, pay, and how well this skillset needed for the position (SQL, Oracle, Access) can transfer to other opportunities in the near future.


This is a great question. Here are the answers to your questions.

  1. Money / Salary / Income

    Assuming that you can live or pay your bills with the lower paying data analyst job, the question you need to ask is … is data analysis the right career for me and not is data analysis a good career for me.

  2. Portability / Career Options / Future

    Part of the reason why you were offered this job is your current data analyst skills in SQL and Oracle. Those database skills are portable and you may move into a Report Writer position or a Database Developer Position or a Database Administrator position. The suitability of any of these career moves depends on the type of experience you end up developing.

A career in Information Technology is potentially a good career. However, what makes a good career for one person, a bad career move for the other person is a combination of factors including money, career portability, career opportunities, interest level, market demand, job satisfaction etc.

If money is the most important thing to you, it may not make sense to take a lower paying job because you really care about th job and you don’t care about the money.

If job satisfaction is more important to you than money, then you need to analyze the working environment, opportunities for growth / training. opportunities for gaining handson experience, opportunities for leadership, etc.

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