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Question ...

I need advice on which it career I should develop further.
I have very good SQL skills, vba skills both excel and access, good understanding of data warehousing.
I worked as programmer analyst at an early stage of my IT career.
I have worked as data analyst in the recent time; using vba skills, SQL and developed some xslt scripts

Answer ...

Instead of saying that this career is better than that career, I will give you a list of factors that you can use for Rating / Reviewing / Choosing which career or job is good for you, ok?

Please work through the questions and exercises below and then download the references / study guide at the end of the article.

  1. Which Data Analyst Job Are You Passionate About? you should feed some passion / interest in your data analysis career.

    So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how passionate are you about each of these skills / careers / jobs?

  2. Which Data Analyst Job Utilizes Your Strengths The Most? for a career to be right for you, your natural strengths and abilities should line with that career.

    So, here is the question: on a scale of 1 to 10, which skill / job utilizes your strengths the most?

  3. Which Job Do You Have A Personal Vision For?

    which job do you have an authentic vision for?

    Where do you have the most ideas about how to make things better, faster, more productive, easier?

    Without an authentic vision / reason for being in an industry, you may find it hard to succeed in that industry

  4. Which Job Are You Best At Doing?

    Compared to your colleagues, which of these jobs do you find yourself good or below average and which ones do you find yourself excelling in?

    If you are a conscientious worker and are doing the best you can and yet, you find yourself falling behind, then you may simply be in the wrong occupation or job.

  5. Which Career Match Your Personal Values The Most?

    I became a career coach because I value the one-on-one relationship I build by helping people like you solve their toughest and most challenging career problems.

    What about you? Which of these jobs aligns the most with your personal values and which does not?

  6. Which Job Offers You The Social Setting You Are Most Comfortable With?

    Every career has a social setting. For example, the social setting for computer programmers is not the same thing as the social setting for business analysts.

    As a computer programmer, you must be comfortable working long hours on the computer without a lot of human interaction and as a business analyst, you must be with the very opposite of a programmer\'s social setting.

    Here is the question for you: which job has the social setting that you are the most comfortable with and which one are you the least comfortable with?

  7. Which Job Are You Able To Keep Up With? because of the rapid pace of technological change, it is a challenge to keep up with any career or job.

    So, here is the question: which job were you able to keep up with and which one do you find yourself falling behind on?

  8. Which Job Matches Your Personality?

    Does your personality match that required for any of the jobs you like and do you have a good understanding of your personality?

    Before you answer YES or NO: take a moment to read the article or post below on personality types, then, answer the question.

    If your personality does not match a job, you will face an up-hill / difficult challenge, and it would really be in your best interest not to follow that job.

  9. Which Job Energizes Or Motivates You The Most?

    You will have to work very hard to succeed at any of these jobs. But some jobs would be easier for you to work at than others.

    So, which of these jobs inspires, motivates, energizes you the most and which the least?

  10. Which Data Analyst Job Utilizes Your Natural Talents The Most?

    Our brains are hard-wired to perform some jobs much better than others.

    So, with that in mind, which job do you find yourself performing exceptionally well?

How Do You Rate Each Job On A Scale Of 1 To 10?

Use the factors that I have given you on this page to rate each of the jobs you are interested in, on a scale of 1 to 10.

On a sliding scale of 1 to 10, give ten points to your most favorable outcome (best jobs) and 1 point to your least favorable jobs, then compile the totals. Your best matching job will have the highest rating.

Now, for an explanation of the various factors listed on this page: strengths, passion, talents, motivation, performance, etc . download the Free Study Guide at the end of this page and then post.


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    Is Data Analysis The Right Career For Me?

    How do you know when your are following your dream career?
    As of now i feel like i made the wrong decisions when i choose to do data analysis and supply.
    Download the Free Study Guide above for more information on \"Which Career / Job\" is best for you ...
    I have been in the industry for 10 years but i have not brushed up or taken refresher courses.
    There are skills on my resume that I listed that i am not fully confident in.
    I have an associate degrees in software app and business admin and I\'m enrolled in computer science / engineering for my bachelors.
    I have tech experiemce with microsoft access, excel and word.
    I know windows and I want to be more knowledablge before i go on up there to an interview.
    My goal while I am in school is to work in the it/is sofware industry with sales, project mgr, data analyst, and or account management with emphasis on marketing.
    The first step to career success is to figure out \"What Career Is Best Best For You\".\n\nAfter you figure that out, your education, training and hard-work will come into play.\n\nThe career you choose will determine your happiness and where you spend the major part of your waking day, every day and every working year of your life.\n\nIf you make the wrong decision, then, you will face an uphill task the rest of the time ...\n\nThe good news is that I have a Guide / A Set of Factors posted on this page that you can / may use to evaluate your choice of a career.\n\nSo, do that, first choose the best career available to you.\n\nThen, work hard at building your career and becoming the best in your industry. We have several articles on how you can do that as well.\n\nFinally, focus on getting a job ... which will be easy, if you have done the first two (2) things
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