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Q. I\'m a database manager that is looking for data analysis projects to work on, how do I find these?

Answer: How To Find Data Analysis Projects To Work On

Look for website traffic data. Websites generate a lot of text files that contain information on all the traffic or hits to the website.

These text files contain data like what pages were requested, who requested the pages, who referred the site visitor, how long did the website visitor spend on the website, what was the website visitor reading etc.

You may design a relational database and import these text files into a database and then write custom queries or create reports that summarized important statistics like: Bounce Ratio or Conversion Ratio.

However, if you are enrolled in the data analysts boot camp, you will receive projects that you can work on and you may submit these back to your course instructor using a feature of the Learning Management System (LMS) that allows you to upload your assignment back to your course instructor.

You will start getting these sorts of projects that you can work on by yourself from the first week of the data analysts boot camp.

Build Handson Experience

Building handson experience is one of the key tenets of our program because handson experience is the singular most important requirement for getting a job. That is why an Assignment Module is incorporated into the Data Analysts Boot Camp.Click here to read more about the principles or features of the Data Analysts Boot Camp


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