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How To Get A Healthcare, Electronic Records and Informatics Job
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Here Is A Data Analyst\'s Coaching Question ...

I am a licensed healthcare professional, a recent graduate of masters in public health (specialized certifications: Healthcare Management and Policy, Health Education and Promotion) and looking for a job in public health.
I applied for several positions in public health area but no success so far because all the positions require 5-7 years of experience and there is rarely an entry level job posted.
I also used to work in information technology as a System/ Programmer, and Data Analyst on three different roles in three different industries, such as finance, healthcare, and human resources.
With my IT and healthcare background, and interest in the public health, I thought of pursuing in the public health informatics. To stay updated with my skills, I am preparing to take my exam to get certified as an Electronic Health Records and Informatics Specialist.
I plan to work as a Health Data Analyst but see all the posted positions requiring 5-7 years of experience in the field.
How do I get an appropriate career position to utilize my knowledge and skills? Any advice will be appreciated!


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