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How To Become A Statistical Data Analyst?

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I have pursued my qualification in IT (Information Technology). But i got a call from Fractal Analytics to work as a data analyst.

So, since, Nov 09 i\'m working as data analyst.

Many people in my company are from Statistical background and doing advance analytics which i dont understand much. I\'m in a confusion state

So, Can i get a suggestion, what can i do?


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You have a few viable options. One of them is to self study statistics or learn statistics from scratch using textbooks.

The other option that you have is to enroll for a Masters Degree in Statistics. I am saying a Masters degree because it looks like your group is into advanced mathematics, fractals and advanced statistics. Their level of knowledge is deeper than college level studies and is more like an advanced or a masters level.

  • How to study statistics from Textbooks

    Studying advanced statistics by yourself may work if you enjoy reading and you are the kind of person that is not afraid of a challenge.

    It is also cheaper than paying your way through college but at the same time it may require some form of external support / coaching depending on how confident you are as an individual.

    The first thing that you have to do is to create or get a curriculum. That curriculum will be as comprehensive as possible and it should describe all the topics that you need to study in the right sequence or order.

    In other words it should differentiate between advanced, intermediate and beginner level topics.

    You can only create a curriculum after you have surveyed the types of topics you absolutely need to study and also researched the concepts that you need to learn to say that you have mastered those topics.

    After that, you will have to research the textbooks that you need to study to master those topics and finally, arrange for handson activities, quizzes or assignments that you will participate in to verify that you have learnt that.

    Self study needs the presence of an online community which is a community of users like you who are studying the topics that you are studying too and who can answer some of the questions that you ask, contribute similar questions to you.

    You may also need the help of coaches who can help you answer the bigger questions and keep you motivated just like a top performing, world class athlete needs a coach or coaches to help him or her get the best out of themselves.

  • How to study advanced statistics through college

    You may also enroll for an advanced mathematics or statistics degree in a nearby college

    You will need the funding or tuition fees for this and here in the United States, an advanced mathematics college degree like a Masters or PHD. can even set you back by tens of thousands of dollars.

    You will need to qualify for this degree as some colleges have prerequisites. Qualifying can set you back a few months or years if you don\'t have the right background.

    Time is also something that you have to factor in. Before you finish 2 to 4 years getting a Masters or a Doctoral Degree, your job or your company may not be there and you are kind of left with an expensive education but without a job to match or perhaps even the reason or motivation to continue in that line.

    Scheduling may also be a pain. Some colleges may require that you attend classes during official working hours meaning that you have to choose one or the other or even have both suffer. Some may be inaccessible because of their location, etc.

    The best thing about having this advanced college degree is that you will have a certificate that you can hangup on your wall and say, I went to Princeton, Yale, Harvard or whatever school that is and you can fee really proud of your accomplishment!

If you need more coaching, help or guidance with any of this, let us know and we will be glad to help you!

How Do I Become A Statistical Data Analyst?
My desire is to become a statistical data analyst and at the moment I am working as a data entry clerk at a certain non-governmental organization.
What are the requirements for this career and what is your advice on this?
I have graduated in Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. I want to work as a data analyst in a mining company. I need your help. Thanks.