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Career Change From Java Developer To Business Intelligence (BI)
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Here Is A Data Analyst\'s Coaching Question ...

I am a Java Developer (Core Java) who is working with a MNC for the past 3 years.
I would like to switch my career to an ETL Developer (Informatica)
Please Suggest would that be a right choice for me given my 3 years experience in Java
The primary reason of making this switch is my lack of interest in java

From ETL Developer To Business Analyst

Changing careers to ETL Developer may not be as helpful as you think because there is not that much of a difference between the job of a Java Developer and that of an ETL Developer, after all ... they are both developers!

First identify what you hate or dislike about Java development, then look for a career that does not have any or most of the things that you dislike.

After you itemize what you dislike about java development, you may realize that you are really not suited to be a developer or that you have to move into a career like database development, sql query writing, report writing or even software testing ... careers that are not traditional computer programmer careers.

So, answer the question of why you dislike being a java developer. Maybe these are some of the reasons:

  1. You dislike all the technology or software that have to work with as a java developer

  2. You dislike all the reading that you have to do to become a java developer

  3. You dislike the concept of programming or writing code

  4. You hate working with all the errors that get thrown while you program

I have give you some clues as to what you should do.

First take a detailed look inwards and make an exhaustive list of all the things that you dislike about being a java programmer.

Then, choose a career that does not require you to perform most or all of the tasks that you hate performing as a java developer.