Data Analyst Boot Camp


Data Analyst Training Courses Are Usually Not Cheap ... But Now, By Using The Latest Advances In Technology ... Data Analysts May Get Trained At Home Or Office ... For A Fraction Of The Traditional Cost!

Full + Comprehensive Suite Of Data Analyst Courses In One Training Package!

  • Statistical Principles Course

  • Central Tendency & Dispersion Course

  • Goodness Of Fit Class

  • Curve Fitting Course

  • Control Charting Class

  • Time Series Analysis Course

  • SQL Data Analysis Courses

  • Database Classes ...

  • ... And More!

The Data Analyst Boot Camp Is ...

  • Location Independent! You may enroll for a course from Tokyo, Japan or Calgary, Alberta, Canada or New York City, USA Or from your city without having to travel.

  • "Affordable" ... Data Analyst classes are expensive.
    You pay for Hotel + Food + Travel + Course Fees! A combined Statistics Class + Data Analysis Course + Database class quickly adds up to more than 5,000 dollars. The Data Analysts Boot Camp is less than a fraction of that cost!

  • Convenient You don\'t have to be out-of-office, miss deadlines or fall behind at work. You can take your training during office breaks or in the evening hours at home! Whatever is convenient for you, works for us as well!

  • Career-Focused ...the Data Analyst training courses match the tasks, assignments or projects you perform for employers on the job guaranteeing that the new skills you gain after training are immediately relevant to your career or employer!

"No Barriers" to Data Analyst Training!

  • There are no barriers, no distance and no obstacles to your Data Analyst training!

  • We have simplified the learning of Data analysis ... so we can guarantee ... it will not be intimidating for you!

  • You can stop forking-over thousands of hard-earned dollars to pay for expensive training ... Data Analyst Boot Camp provides the big return on investment (ROI).

  • Here at last ... the convenient, flexible, affordable Data Analyst training program that delivers on career success.

Is The Data Analyst Boot Camp For You?

The Data Analyst boot camp is for Data Analysts, Data Analysts, Database Developers, Business Analysts, Quality Assurance (QA) Professionals, Business Managers or IT professionals interested in learning Data Analysis online.

It covers the entry level to senior Data Analyst\'s training requirements including Statistics classes, SQL classes, Database courses, Data Analysis classes and more ...

"It couldn\'t be simpler, easier, more flexible, more convenient or more affordable!" And with the low, affordable training price ... you have the GO-AHEAD to BEGIN your training!

What Happens When You Sign-Up?

  • Private Access: You get a secure, private login ... which you use for accessing your Data analysis courses.

  • Instructor Led: A Data Analyst trainer or course instructor is assigned to you ... for the duration of your training.

  • Progress Feedback / Report Card: You can measure or monitor your progress ... with in-built practice tests or quizzes or exams. Your personal report card which is available 24/7 shows your grades or maps your progress.

  • Ongoing Private Mentoring: You may post questions or discussions on the Data Analyst training videos, assignments or quizzes and get one-on-one feedback, help, coaching or mentoring from your Data Analyst Course Instructor.

  • Hands-On Lab Training: You are assigned real-world, practical, hands-on Data analysis projects .... allowing your to put your knowledge to work! Your learning is immediately beneficial to you ... because it is transformed into real-world practical skills or experience!

  • Live Or Online Video-Based Training: You do not have to pay extra for the Data Analyst Boot Camp\'s step-by-step training videos, study guide or presentations! You may watch the video sessions at your convenience ... or as often as you want!

  • Guaranteed Completion Certificate: As you take your training ... the online report card creates a detailed transcript from your quizzes, practice tests, assignments or lab-work ... the results are mailed to you along with your certificate ... at the end of the Data Analysts training program!

Here at last ... the affordable, convenient, effective training that delivers on career success for Data Analysts. Sign-up now to get started.

Sign-Up For More Information On The Data Analysts Boot Camp ...

The Data Analysts Boot Camp - How Does It Work?

  • Anywhere, Anytime, Web-based Learning Management System (LMS):

    • You take your data analyst training from any location because it is always available online using a web-based learning management system (LMS) and real, human course instructors

  • Cutting Edge Learning Management System (LMS)

    • Your training schedule is managed by a learning management system (LMS) which sends personalized links to data analyst videos, hands-on projects and practice tests

    • The LMS assigns time to each training video, practice test or hands-on project and you may finish at a different time, based on your own schedule

    • You submit back hands-on projects for review, grading or feedback to live course instructors using a feature of the LMS

    • The LMS boosts your data analysis skills using quizzes and displays your grades in real-time using a secure, private, online report card

    • The LMS constantly monitors or improves your understanding of course material using multiple learning opportunities!

  • Yes, You Retain Access Rights After Course Completion!

    • The LMS provides you with FULL and PERMANENT access to ALL training videos after course completion

    • You can watch your training videos on the "Resources" feature of the LMS during or after your training

  • Flexible + Convenient + Affordable Training For Data Analysts

    • Yes, you are given ample time to complete each data analyst training videos, practice tests or hands on projects

    • Yes, you can login for training at any time

    • Yes, you may pause training any time because of work or life commitments without any penalty

    • Yes, you may resume training at any time without any penalty

    • Yes, you are not required to login at a specific time or at the same time as someone else

    • Yes, your data analyst training is a "go at your own pace", anytime, anywhere, anypace training.

    • Yes, you may take some of your training at work (during lunchtime) or at home (after dinner) or on the road (from your laptop)!

  • Data Analyst Training For IT Professionals

    • Your course instructors take you step by step from utter beginner to senior level topics

    • You can start immediately (without paying for entrance examinations or additional pre-requisite courses) because all preparatory, foundational or pre-requisite topics are in-built and included

    • You learn by simply watching course instructors using hands-on instructional videos

    • The Data Analysts Boot Camp covers the requirements for data analyst careers!

  • Yes, You Set The Pace For Your Data Analyst Training

    • Yes, you accelerate or speed-up your data analyst training or customize your learning to your own study time

    • Yes, you may finish training at a faster or slower pace than estimated

    • Yes, you don\'t have to start or finish at the same time as everyone else

  • Yes, Your Browser Is Good Enough!

    • All necessary software features are prebuilt into our LMS ... so, you won\'t be messing around with troublesome software installations

    • And yes that means you won\'t be worrying about browser requirements either!

  • Advance Your Career Online AT "The Data Analysts Boot Camp"


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