What Is A Typical Data Analyst Entry-level Job?


I am planning to apply for a job that mainly uses SQL and Excel. Now, I would like to know a real world example about a task that an entry-level data analyst does when he or she hires. Thanks!

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One Response to "What Is A Typical Data Analyst Entry-level Job?"

  1. Leann C   December 7, 2010 at 5:32 am

    One of my first real, non-restaurant jobs was as a “Data Analyst” for a really large insurance/healthcare corporation. I worked in the area that managed the marketing database for the company.

    So for example, we could only market to certain zip codes (by law) and once I had to input something like 10,000 zip codes into a database in about three days.

    We would also do a lot of analysis on what groups were more responsive to our marketing campaigns. So I’d end up throwing a ton of information into a spread sheet (Lotus 123 at the time). Excel is very similar and then doing lots of analysis to find the best performing groups (People between the ages of 55-65 who live in non-urban areas of Florida might be an example).

    Using this info, we’d go out and try to find more people (our target audience) who mirrored the most responsive groups. Purchasing a mailing list or advertising in certain publications who’s readers are similar to these people (like AARP) would be a way in which to target them.

    You might be responsible for coming up with the stats for the target audience and then going out and finding them. You’ll also spend vast amounts of time in front of a computer inputing and looking at data. You may also work with programmers (who may be in India or somewhere else).

    In order to do a good job, you’ll need to be very detail oriented. You will need to like to work with numbers. Logical/critical thinking skills required. You will need to be ok with sitting in front of a computer looking at data for long periods of time. There may not be much room for artistic expression.

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